A History of the Burger in America

A History of the Burger in America

Devault Foods was invited to share our Founder's immigration roots and achievement of the American dream as we became one of the country's favorite purveyor of America's favorite food - the burger. The temporary exhibit will be on display at The Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration through Labor Day 2018.

"Rare to Well Done - A History of the Burger in America" is a temporary exhibit curated by Evelyn Hill, Inc, and The National Park Service.

The National Park Service and Evelyn Hill,  Inc., the food concessionaire at the Statue of Liberty since 1931 and Ellis Island since 2009, have grilled up a way to celebrate the ubiquitous burger.  They invited three purveyors of one of America's favorite foods to share their founders' immigration roots through a temporary exhibit in the National Museum of Immigration.

This temporary exhibit is free to the public outside the museum.  For more information on the museum and events, please visit https://libertyellisfoundation.org/immigration-museum 

Event Details

Place: Elllis Island and The National Museum of Immigration

Starts: 27th June 2018 9:00 AM
Ends: 3rd September 2018 5:00 PM

Price: Free

Type: Exhibition

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